Oceanus Featured In Vogue

Fri, Sep 14, 18
Oceanus Swim
Written by Brooke Bobb for Vogue.com
Oceanus’ latest feature in Vogue delves into the inspiration that launched the debut swimwear collection. The piece details the return of 1980’s era looks to the catwalks this past season as fashion returns to fabulous, unapologetic excess. The swimwear market was missing this vintage twist which Oceanus was happy to fill.
Vogue explores the hand embroidery detailing as the signature of the brand taking 80’s glitz to a whole new level in modern fashion. The article even recommends how the swimwear can double as body suits that can be worn from the pool straight to the party.
“Take one glance at the Oceanus lookbook and it’s clear that Attalah and Frangakis aren’t afraid to take a fashion risk.”


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